Royal Coins and Banknotes have been in the Numismatic Industry since 1999

Since then there has been a large number of changes and we have come to realise what the clients want and need is reassurance and to only be interested in buying Quality Items, Investment Items and Guaranteed Value Items.

In our items For Sale we have Australian and World Coins and Banknotes both Pre Decimal and Decimal. In the Pre Decimal, we have Florin, Shilling, Sixpence, Threepence, Penny and Half Penny, as well as Proclamation, Gold Sovereign and Half Sovereign, Crown, Proof Coins and also a large range of Banknotes, being mainly Ten Shillings, One, Five and Ten Pound Notes in Australian and various denominations for the rest of the World.

In the Rare Section, we may now and then have a Twenty Pound or higher value Australian Banknote and we always certainly have Genuine 1930 Pennies, 1923 Half Pennies, 1932 Florins, 1933 Shillings Overdates, Starnotes and always certainly Error Banknotes and Coins, Mules or Mis Strikes and Variety Coins. All current One, Two, Five, Ten and Fifty Cent Coins, Dollar Coins, Decimal Banknotes, especially the Scarce Coombs and Randall Signature, Starnotes, Error Notes, Test Notes and First and Last Prefix Banknotes.

In the Decimal Range, most Coins available are from different Mints around the World, but mostly from Australia, being Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and the Gems of Perth. In a few of the Pre Decimals, they have also come from Calcutta, being Indian Die and London Die, Heaton Mint and Birmingham, with some later coins from USA Mints.

We have also established Portfolios of "Certified" items with a Guaranteed Return from us to you on your Investment so as you will be comfortable in watching a growth in your Investment. In our stock we also have a number of items, such as Gold Nuggets, Rare Dump and Holey Dollar, Internment Camp, Tokens, Checks, Pattern, PCGS and generally all items for all Collectors including Proof Sets, RAM Products and Folders. You will not be disappointed.

Try us and we will always Guarantee a Return for your Investment. We are also always looking for new stock so if you have an Estate for Sale please call us. We are always happy to assist you. We are the Founding Members of I.N.A.A. Independent Numismatics Association of Australia. This exclusive membership is for genuine members with Integrity and a Responsibility to all our Clients.We will be able to post Worldwide and also have available payment by PayPal, Direct Deposit, Visa, MasterCard and Amex with only a small Credit Card Fee which is charged by these Agents